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Wifes first time stories

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Wifes first time stories

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One of her favorite comments was his comparing her to a beautiful model which she ate up and wanted him even more. She climbed on top of him and began to rub her moist pussy on his semi-flaccid cock. He was an older man and it took him a while longer to get hard. The whole time she was sucking his cock, he would hold on to her braided pony tail and moan. Then he pulled her up to lie on top of him and kiss her while his hands ran up and down every inch of her body. Then he pushed her up until she was sitting on his face and with her hands helping support her on the wall, he ate her out for a good 15 minutes.

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Slowly using his hands to help push it in, he kept gyrating and gently pushing in. Jason returned, and I casually told him I heard he was coming back with us. I ed him the hotel information and we set a time to begin at pm.

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Then we would continue rubbing his cock against her. At pm a knock came on the door. We had cyber sex while my husband watched over my shoulder. We have a very happy marriage and were both very contented sexually. She pushed me down on the bed and took wifrs cock deep in her mouth.

I went up to our bedroom and looked out of the window ready to see him in action. She leaned back slightly so that she was resting against him.

Just needs to get rid of that hair, haven't seen that in a long time. I gave the driver our final destination so he could head in the right direction.

Wifes first bbc experience

One of the girls reached in the bowl and pull out a set of keys. If you have BBC friends that's a plus.

I could not see any light in the rooms across from us but knew we had to be putting on a show for anybody that looked. I felt his hand on my tits.

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She was so hot just thinking about him. I think they just wanted to watch.

Jason was saying: "Fuck, that pussy is so damn tight, let it milk my cock, fuck I'm cumming, oh shit you have the most amazing pussy ever. When it came to my wife? What if we know him?

I could not believe as I heard her tell him: "Bring it up here, I want to suck you again. My husband was good-natured about the whole thing. It was daylight outside but we all fell to sleep fast. I was horny all morning thinking about watching Cindy and Steve together and at lunchtime I phoned her. It was my wife who brought up the elephant in the room. storjes

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My wife was now completely naked and vulnerable. She thought it was an absolute waste just to wank him off and wanted to suck him off and then let him fuck her senseless and it was all she could do to go along with our original plan. Steve was peering through a hole in the fence and watching Cindy. She asked me what I would do if she was taking on a bunch of black guys.

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We sat at the bar and would tease about different guys or ladies and bringing them back to our hotel for the other to enjoy a night of sexual pleasure. As soon as he saw Cindy he took his shorts down.

He kept talking and explaining how all he kept thinking about he past few months was her body and how beautiful she was, and how much he wanted her. She begged them to fill her pussy full of BBC seed. I took my top off and handed the storiea another beer.

Wife version of first time shared

I could tell she was cumming wifez as he thrust his huge cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer. I could hear my wife slobbering on his shaft and gagging when he would press in deep.

They kissed deeply, and both moaned in extasy. Her nipples were standing out erect, like little buttons.

Wifes first bbc experience - free first time story on

He was hitting places where no man had been before. She let out a scream that turned he her way. She was really getting excited when I heard another knock on the door. Greer stood behind her with only his rirst shirt on. I had never been with two guys before. But, I watched as my wife grasped Jason's dick without hesitation and hungrily began to suck him.