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Sissified husband stories

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Sissified husband stories

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All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older. Here he was, alone in the house all week while she was on business and the place was spotless. Actually, if he were honest, it looked better than it did when Susan was here. Jake loved her madly, but she was never much of a housewife.

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So for starters, I am going to call someone to come over and fuck me, since your little panty ass is not worthy to fuck, and while I am doing so you can come closer and practice your pussy licking skills. After their spouses were out of earshot, they began to talk in earnest. While we waited for Mark to arrive I made sure he continued to lick my pussy I wanted it nice and wet, I had to admit he was good at licking pussy, and looking down at him in his predicament made me even hotter, I came two times before I heard the doorbell ring.

Smile for the camera: the sissy is caught and punished

I got a feel of his cock and it's a monster. That hurt.

sissifird As they walked around me, looking me over and commenting to my wife, I began to feel like one of them. Or rather, HER house. Suddenly they were kissing passionately, holding each other's upper arms, their narrow chests pressed together. They stood there, hand in hand, with the wives looking on approvingly.

Roy smirked at Matt as he massaged the back of Lena's neck with his strong fingers and she leaned against him. It's not for you. She said, "You fruits stop trying to hide your candy. Except that, when she tore him down that first time, she took full possession of the piece of furniture, with the understanding that he was never to sit on it. Well, he had avoided separation from Lena, but at an impossibly high shories.

My husband humiliated

As such I have banned his little girly dick from my pussy, so I was hoping you might be able to help me out and at the same time show him what he just gave up to wear panties and stockings. The husbands swished out of the room, using their best sissy walks, and retreated to Matt's limited living space. Matt got onto his side and gestured for Charlie sissifiex reverse the way he was facing and come to him.

He stood before me much less the man that I had married, I had thought of him as powerful and strong and masculine, but now I thought of him as something else. Let me give you a bit of background. Times up! When the hell are the women supposed to get back. They looked at their wives, as if to ask if that had been enough.

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Now Charlene, pull up the front of your girlfriend's skirt. Then it was Matt's turn.

Go on, girls. Now it was especially disturbing.

Sissy husband stories

Now how do you thank each other? I was no longer embarrassed. Sories the front door Tessa rang the bell, not even bothering to check on her spouse or speak to him. Maybe even be seen through the open door by someone on the street. It was beautiful to watch. I was thinking that now that you never use your motorbike anymore that you might like to give it to Marcus as a display of your appreciation for all he does to make me happy!

That'll happen if you tease them and don't let them get off for as long as we have. These women were all quite beautiful, their faces adorned with perfect makeup, and each had a glamourous hairstyle. Tank had on a leather vest. Tessa told them, "Now remove each other's robes.

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Sissigied fact, Marie had been doing the same to her own husband, Hank, for a full six months. I want to get them so hooked that, later on, we can offer zissified take everything back to where it was in the beginning, and they'll be too far gone to accept. Have we gotten them to that point yet? Tank eased into Lips, enjoying how slowly he was entering her, and how long he was making her feel his deflowering invasion.

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Her wife always got her the cheapest eyeliner, which she found in a dollar store, and now it ran down her bright pink cheeks. She had everything on a tray; cups, coffee plunger, milk, sugar and had tucked storries feather duster under her arm. He was even more surprised to see that the guy looked much like himself, short and slim, with a male haircut but obvious hints of make-up. He rushed to finish his lavatory cleaning, fretting all the while about having someone other than his wife see him in his 'pretty things'.

Of course, it was all a charade really, but it was nothing that Susan ever needed to know. I ordered Glenda to give the feather duster to Marcus. All he had on was a pair of storjes, pale yellow panties, with cartoon kitty cat faces on them. Instead, she found herself up on husban feet, being dragged along by Lou to the chair.

up to ! I can't wait that long. There were more jokes about how underdeveloped they were, but they weren't allowed to stop. She has been so much happier since you have been around and you can give her all the pleasure that I can no longer give.

The women took their glasses and turned to each other. They had their first kiss and that's what's important. Not yet. But was her fate any better? She was tall and full-figured, wearing a long leather coat and high boots.

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I had learned the advantages of making the male of the species wait and was enjoying the affection and attention that Marcus was showering me with. Tank and Lou were waiting in their man cave, which had ly been one of he sissies' music listening room. I invited them over to see what happened to the man that I married.