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Okcupid api

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Okcupid api

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Below is an anonymized payload of a visitor to my profile on OkCupid. The old visitor feature.

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Okcupid's "removed" visitor api | zdware

SO this API wrapper will automate some of the work and give you more time to connect with people who are more interested in you. Why is this Important?

The old visitor feature. Are the italics suppose to convey sarcasm?

We need to hold companies able. Latitude and longitude are never exactly accurate.

OKCupid's API In general, any type of online service is susceptible to sniffing, scraping, and scrutinity if one looks hard enough. On March 29th, I contacted OKCupid to report the issue, and asked why so much unnecessary data was being provided. Below is an anonymized payload of a visitor to my profile on OkCupid. S - If you want to contact me to talk more about this, feel oicupid to reach out.

Since OKCupid is appreciated in the way it allows users to understand each other on a deeper and wider okcupdi of attributes - likes, dislikes, and personality personalities - it stores a massive amount of data regarding its users. It is their responsibility to ensure privacy policies clearly state what data is available.

OKCupid responded within 6 hours, telling me that they confirmed the issue and removed access pkcupid the visitor API endpoint.

Is there a better way to present personal information to potential lovers without exposing oneself too much? As a user of OKCupid, I found it frustrating to spend countless hours rating users and messaging them with little response. Information such as height, birthday, lat-long coordinates and even income levels are readily available.

I also took the liberty to write a Nodejs wrapper for it. However, they gave no answer for why unnecessary data was being provided.

Class: okcupid::api — documentation for okcupid ()

OKCupid isn't so innocent in such domain either. All this data is then accessible to anyone with a valid.

This is fast in the world of responsible disclosureand I give them kudos. While he had written about discovering the API and its contents in his bloghe said he did not personally reach out to OKCupid regarding the security holes. Public APIs should be direct and compact, and developers need to fight for the time to implement secure systems.

Thoughts, ideas, and intrigue

It might not be as powerful and widespread as the data used in the Cambridge Analytica Debacle. The problem is that few would think that this information lives on the internet and becomes open to the general public.

In conclusion, this is not absolutely terrible like some apps have been in the past. In a time when more people are relying on the internet to find dates, oicupid reasonable to expect that people are more willing to provide as much information as possible to better open up themselves to match matching.