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Naughty sinsations

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Naughty sinsations

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Age: 33
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Seeking Nsa Sex
City: Roxbury Township, LeMoyne
Hair:Blond naturally
Relation Type: Mwm Seeking Mwf For Fwb Long Term

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Naughty cupcake set - wrappers & toppers

It arrived the day they said it would, the packaging really was nondescript this is something I was nervous aboutand the butt plug was nayghty as advertised. It's definitely small though.

I ordered this one and the Large, figuring I'd work my way up. The reason is that my master sometimes requires that I wear a plug for days at a time depending on how naughty I have been and this plug chafes at the base with continuous wear. Free Mrs Cindy Sinsation Folks online porn tube videos You perfectly know how much it takes to find Mrs Cindy Sinsation Folks free porn that offers both fast online streaming and good video quality!

Good to wear around but it won't prep you for sex if it just sits there. Thank you for your vote!

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Depends sinsxtions on how much lube you use and how slippery it is as to sliding out. The video has been added to your member zone favourites. The smooth surface and wide base are comfortable and reassuring. The base makes it possible to confidently wear your plug in public. This is the one you want.

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Loosened up from a hot shower, it slid right in and seated right where it belonged. The base is curved and flared and won't pinchthe thin base fits between your cheeks so it is not visible under your clothes!

Naughtu de is anatomically correct sinsatons the thin neck past the base is long enough to place the thick part of the plug beyond the sphincter so it can seat and not try to slip out. Wannabe Woman Submitted By: morgan I recently purchased this plug and only give it three stars. I'm not a huge fan of how narrow the base is--it didn't give me the full feeling I was looking for, and I found it uncomfortable taking it out.

Plug it in, plug it in! Like a electrical plug Submitted By: marcycumz - Verified Buyer it is just right and holds well. The base kept it from slipping in but was small enough to sit comfortably between the cheeks.

I love wearing it in public, nobody knows, and it makes me feel so naughty. I will be buying the next size. I'm looking forward to the pleasure.

I want to play naughty sinsations - ifunny :)

I've moved on to a plug with a thicker base and naughyt more phallic-like shape and I'm much happier. Getting home is the best part when I cum in her anus and she uses a strap-on on me!!! I inserted it during a warm relaxing shower and it was perfect. Good starter plug.

Always use protection when you're horny: watch our Mrs Cindy Sinsation Folks hard online porn. I think the sinsatuons should be uniformly narrow and not curved up so much as it tends to dig into the flesh. Trust me.

Some of the other anal plugs I looked at, the base made me think it might show an outline on my clothes and people would know, but this base fits safely, unnoticeably, and comfortably between your cheeks. Love the naughty feeling of wearing it out in public.

The plug was very smooth and had that little rod for your sphincter to close around after it was all the way in, this prevented it from sliding out; while the perfectly shaped base kept it from slipping in. Ive tried others that suck. I ordered this one three days ago, and wow.

Naughty cupcake set - wrappers & toppers - sinsations adult boutique

The material used to make it is soft but firm siliconeit is easy to clean. This may soon become a "daily wear" accessory. You have already voted for this video! I have been reading stories on Literotica for years and for the last few months have been trying to build up the courage to get a butt plug. After that it's like its not there, but you can still comfortably feel najghty also.

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Cleans easily, i recommend this plug if u want one. I like walking around with a plug in place and it does ok. It is soft and does nsughty a smooth entry though and for intermittent use it is OK. My wife puts mine in and I puts in hersthen we get dressed to go out to eat as we enjoy our mutual pleasure wearing our butt plugs in public! Awesome Submitted By: Ziggie - Verified Buyer I love this thing, I'm new to anal and even though it does feel a bit awkward for about ten minutes.

Looking forward to trying again, as it was far from an unpleasant experience!