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Mistress seeking slaves

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Mistress seeking slaves

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I truly love being a Mistress to a loyal slave. I have had my fair share of "newbies" trying to find themselves. They had no knowledge of what bdsm entailed and went head first into a session.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Am Want Nsa Sex
City: Raith, Lorton
Relation Type: Hot Horny Ladies Want Married Online Dating

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It should be noted that only profiles with a green check have been verified that the gender and the age of the owner are as advertised. I have nothing against them, and had many exciting sessions.

Mistress seeking an obedient slave

Rewards Masters and Mistresses can rewards for their slaves: pictures or videos. I do not want to play games with women that are not even sure if they enjoy pain or bondage.

This is a pleasurable hobby that I love to do on my free time and does not require you to buy anything of any kind unless agreed upon during a conversation. In saying, Seekking am looking for lady that would love to train as my long-term obedient slave. I do require a conference prior our initial meeting.

If you do not know what that is, google misyress. They will need to be on alot of the time I am and be open to BDSM and normal type relationship things like cuddles and dancing with me when I am at clubs You must be disease free and perform good hygiene.

Mistress seeking loyal slave

About myself: I believe sexuality is a whole different world that we can discover to our own advantage. PrinceyIce Resident. We will meet in a public seekin, in which we can get to know each other on a more personal level.

I am not going to go into detail of what sort of obligations that I require of you because you should already know. I am hoping to find my obedient pet. I do this to be safe meeting people online. All slaves that I have had only wanted a short relationship in which our meetings were once a month.

Slave market - online dominatrix and slaves ready to obey

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Real life experience is not a requirement though. Points are accumulated through each session independently. I will not speak of my personal life but what I will say is that I am married with children. They slavves no knowledge of what bdsm entailed and went head first into a session. I am a fetishist and a sadist.

Mistress seeking loyal slave, bdsm singles network

I take the time to keep fit and look good, so should you. I am open to Puppys who want an owner as well I have realized, though, that I am seeking a lady of experience. I expect my pet to serve me in all ways, either privately or publicly discreetly. I ONLY want a slave that is seeking a relationship that is steady mistreess ongoing.

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The reward can be available for all sessions ed from the masteror ased to a specific session ed during a slave session. You will need; at least, to know about the bdsm lifestyle and the obligations of being an obedient slave to a Dom. All limits, obligations, rules, sexual fantasies, and secret desires will be discussed prior to our first session.

IM Me in world to get to know me Assuming that you have done your research, you already know that bdsm deals with all aspects of sadism, pain, bondage, and submission. You are to be loyal, seekking, submissive, and receive pleasure out of pain and humiliation.

The amount of reward points for each asment is equal to the price slabes to the asment. I enjoy playing sadistic games and pushing limits.

If you do not enjoy watching a bdsm pornography clip, I am doubtful that you will be interested in real life. I understand about busy schedules and will not interfere with your personal, vanilla life as I have my own responsibilities to take care of.

I Am new to the forums. It is very easy and will only take a few minutes of your time.

I will need for you to have done your research, via online or books. He will not be involved at any time, unless it is agreed upon seekjng both parties before a session. Skills Assessment Every day slaves can assess their skills through the assessment section accessible from the top menu.

Mistresses looking for submissives/slaves - cumm ads free adult personals sex hookups south africa

With each reward will be ased a of points to unlock the reward. For the 'apology', the asment will be accepted.

I truly love being a Mistress to a loyal slave. They have to be okay with me being owned by a Daddy already and maybe be interested to be in Bloodlines I also will ask for mistrses verified picture before exchanging phone s. But I figured I shall try here Upon requesting a session online, I do require you fill out a Fetish List in which you will get to know more of what I expect from you.

I hate to mention that but I have had quite a few people ask me that question. Safe words are always used during my sessions, but never had an instance in which a slave needed it.