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Matures first time gay stories

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Matures first time gay stories

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I had been having bisexual urges for quite some time; because of this, I was going onto text and chat sites. This was about ten years ago now, so there were not as many websites back then. I'd been chatting to quite a few older men. On most occasions, the chats just helped me get off, as I kept chickening out from meeting gaj guys.

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And could not sleep.

He asked if firxt could see my body and told me to stand up and remove my clothes. I didn't know what to say.

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I coughed as it hit the back of my throat; it was quickly followed by another three much bigger spurts. Thought about going down and wash my dirty pantyhose and panties.

He asked how I felt. I did as he asked; as I did, my semi-hard cock popped up. I'd been chatting to quite a few older men. He said, "Don't forget about my balls, little girl. I couldn't take it all in my mouth; after sucking him ga five minutes, he asked me if I had a condom so he could fuck me.

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He commented on how eager to please I was. I got on my knees. I could feel my cock getting harder as he continued to rim me A few minutes later he fime his tongue from my ass and told me to turn around, I did as he asked, and he quickly started licking up and down my cock before taking my small cock in his mouth.

I looked at him, extremely nervous, but he reassured me we wouldn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with. It didnt take him long to get rock hard; he was seven inches once fully erect. matyres

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Get back on this sofa between my legs and clean daddy's cock like a good girl. It was growing in my hands and hardening. I realised at this point that Mafures enjoyed being told what to do, so I eagerly cleaned his cock. I was still a bit horny. I was still so horny from the pleasure he gave me I immediately said, "Yes.

I hope everyone liked my first story, if I get a few comments I will post my second story shortly. My love for pantyhose was established around the ages of He could then see my little bulge in my boxers, so he knew I was turned on.

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I stared down at it slowly, gently, pulling on it. He quickly followed me in, sat down next to me and put his hand on my thigh. He wasn't anything special to look at gah had a bit of a beer belly.

He asked if I wanted to get a better feel. He called me a good girl and said that next time, 'daddy' would be fucking his little girl's tight virgin ass. I looked around thinking people might see me going into his shop, but there was no one around.

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I looked into his eyes and said, "Yes, Sir," before quickly taking his cock back into my mouth and down my throat. I stood up to put my clothes back on.

The man was fondling my balls and trying to get me aroused but my tiny cock was intimidated by his large meat stick. Daddy made me get ready and dropped me back off, saying he hoped to see me again soon. I slowly and nervously removed my top, then my tracky bottoms.

Mature gay stories

I went out drinking with my friends one night timee got extremely drunk. I am a National Sales Manager for a large company and was never willing to take that many days away from work.

The next day I was lying in bed very hung over. He told me I had a great ass, said it looked like a girl's ass. He then said, "It's time to suck my cock, take it in your mouth.

He quickly firsr my hand back on his bare cock, telling me to stroke it slowly. Once in his car he said he was going to take me to his shop as it was closed and no one would disturb us. Think about I heard him snore so I was pretty sure he was asleep. I licked the head of his cock before slowly licking it up and down.

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A kinky curiosity washed over me and I took a pair to my room and put them on. He knew I was getting close; it was at this point he stopped and said I'd had enough pleasure for now, and that it was his turn.

I kept sucking and licking his cock for what seemed like ages before I felt his hands on my head. On most occasions, the chats just helped me get off, as I kept chickening out from meeting the guys. I had been having bisexual urges for quite some time; because of this, I was going onto text and chat sites. It seemed to get bigger the longer I stared at it.