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Grindr hookups tumblr

I Looking Sexy Dating

Grindr hookups tumblr

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I kinda found a really awesome guy! Most the guys wanted to fuck or trade pics but we hit it off well :3 I read his bio and sent him a message about it and he was surprised id read it all.

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He tries to drag his fingers across my makeuped eyebrow and I slap it out of my face and tells him not to mess them up. He was very complimentive on my average sized body, my large nips, my beard, my ass… he made me feel very special.

Hilarious grindr

He was in town for work. Anyway at one point he grabbed my hand again and just looked at me and started to lean in so we kissed. We took a break in between to catch some air and to recuperate for round 2. We exchange s and insta and part ways.

Eventually our arms got tired so I just took my jaket off and let him wear it which he was reluctant to take and only kept for like 15 minutes. How long have I known him? He apologized and offered me to come back.

Grindr hookup stories tumblr - grindr hookup stories tumblr | tinder hookup pics tumblr

He forgot his jacket so during the movie it got cold so I pulled my selves down on my cardigan and held his hand to keep em warm which he thought was sweet. Maybe I just wanted material for this gdindr

Most guys hardly notice these things and he noticed. Typical Grindr meet up.

I dropped him off back tumnlr the hotel. Most the guys wanted to fuck or trade pics but we hit it off well :3 I read his bio and sent him a message about it and he was surprised id read it all. Where did I meet this boy?

Love in the back left pocket

While we laid there, we chatted more about life. Getting ready, Tumbor roll up my tshirt sleeve and tuck it in. I kinda found a really awesome guy! I bought the tickets but he refused to let me buy the lunch lol we ate and chatted and talked about politics and classes. So what makes him so special? We laid there naked, face to face, smiling at each other.

Boba was cute. Permalink Leap of faith I bought a flight to go see a boy in San Diego for a weekend.

I met him in Grindr. Why would I waste this kind hiokups money to go see some boy I spent so little time with?

Grindr stories on tumblr

Break was over and we finished banging of course. In that short time, we chatted and got to know each other.

Oh, just me? He tells me how cute I was and what nice brows I have. Hes a triple major Poli Sci, French and Psych over at a private college.

Grindr hookup stories tumblr

We decide to get some after sex boba. All the pink in the post are the things that made me want to take that chance to go fly to San Diego to go hang with a boy I met for very few hours. He bangs me whichever which way, he even proposes to bang me on the hotel lounge chair like in porn. We probably had about hours of actual in person time together.

Zero feet away

He brings me to the room and we do the dirty. Maybe it was love at first meet?

I took him back home and we kissed again and when he was going I rolled down the window and wolf whistled at him which he blushed at cause no ones ever done it.