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Gay massage sex stories

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Gay massage sex stories

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I was impressed with this man. He had dark hair and eyes, and told us he was from Guam. I wondered if I had nassage the right choice about enlisting in the Army.

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I felt his hot load filling me up this was my first time to have some cum inside of storie and it was so hot.

Massage gay sex stories

He started to fuck my face harder now. Once home I found myself horny again as I pulled my shorts down and sat back on the couch, spreading my legs open and sliding my fingers through the cum still running from storiee arse as I finger fucked myself and stroked my cock while thinking of Greg to bring me to another orgasm, shooting cum on my stomach and chest, laying there as i fell asleep, dreaming of my next massage.

My fingers fumbled with the snap and zipper of his pants and ultimately freed his hard cock from their tight confines. I think I knew what may happen, but having never done this before I was still had trepidations. He replied back, he stated that, he was 39 with and athletic build with an 8" thick cock.

The knowledge that my thoughts were correct gave me the courage to tell him I was eager to enjoy some male relief. It started while massae in a m4m chat room. Wow, Jason was his name and he was very good looking even better then he explained.

Bisexual stories : first gay massage with a very happy ending - a gay sex

He touched my painfully hard dick and squeezed it gently with one hand while the other gently massaged my balls. I could feel myself getting aroused, my cock beginning to lengthen and harden.

His cock exploded in my mouth. He oiled me up and massaged me all kassage taking his time been careful not to miss any area but making sure not to make me cum.

He buried my entire cock in his throat and gulped repeatedly as I came inside him. As he was leaving I asked him to let me clean him.

Gay massage stories post : a gay sex

I could hear his breathing change to shallow quick breaths. I was scared.

I mzssage as some tightness in my back that needed a good rub and hoping for a time as soon as possible. It was kind of good, not what I had thought it would be like. I sucked his cock a few more times and he fucked me two more times and I wanted it to last forever.

I lasted only 1 or 2 minutes before Eex could feel the twitching begin… I warned him be he simply stroked me faster. I wrote to him and asked him for rates and what it consisted his massage?

My first male to male massage

I knew my excitement would be revealed if I turned over but I had no choice. I let the head rub against the inside of my cheek while I was jacking him off. This tipped me over the edge, as my balls tightened up and shot load after load onto a towel on the ground, Greg eventually letting my soft cock fall as he again pressed himself on my back and whispered in my ear that this was the most erotic and pleasurable sex he had in a long time, giving me a short deep kiss before standing up and sliding his now soft shaft from me, letting some of his cum seep from my hole and down my legs.

My penis began to deflate in his mouth. I grabbed the towel and rinsed it in the sink and proceeded to clean myself off. As he reached my upper chest, he simply stood up, moved forward a bit and his cock brushed my face. We made arrangements to meet the next day of my arrival.

Massage gay sex stories

He moved back and forth, letting his cock rub against my lips and face. Jason slowly circled my hole putting more oil and playing around there. We went into the house and down the hall to a room just off his kitchen.

The third and fourth shots spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin. He would open his fingers while rolling them inside of me.

I locked my car and headed massaye the front door where there was a note for all massage patrons to knock on the side door. He rubbed me oh so light! He said that it consisted in a massage with different oils and that he would be totally nude, unless I didn't want that.

I wanted to tell him to stick his cock inside of me and to fuck me hard. He gave me the address and off I went. I savoured the taste and let it rest on my tongue. I just kneaded my cheeks, I could feel them spread slightly as he kneaded them. I was.