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Along the years she progressed ificantly in her career and became very experienced in a large range of dental treatments and facial aesthetics. Your dental care is her utmost dentistx. She will provide the type and level of treatment that you desire. We proudly provide dental treatments for all family whatever their age, NHS and private. See below for more information on the services we provide.

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What matters most are skills, experience and knowledge of the orthodontist whom you trust with your health and smile.

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Additional benefits of the Damon system: longer intervals between check-ups even weeks quick even after just visits ificant reduction of discomfort that usually comes with orthodontic treatment easier maintenance of perfect oral hygiene due to the elimination of discolouring ligatures and the lack of rings on molars brackets are smaller and less visible available in the Damon Q metal and the practically invisible, aesthetic Damon Clear version they guarantee excellent — full profile, wide smile, better lip support, younger appearance!

Know some of the services offered. You will appreciate our trusted, ethical approach that puts the dental wellbeing of you and your family first and our genuinely friendly welcome that soothes and relaxes everyone, including anxious patients. Fillings When teeth have decay it may be necessary to repair them.

Dr. priscila kolbe – a dentista da gente!

We proudly provide dental treatments for all family whatever their age, NHS and private. Dental Implants A dental implant can improve your self esteem because it gives you the feel and appearance of a normal tooth. Treatment duration depends mainly on the system used and the severity of the treated occlusal abnormality.

We are only successful when our patients are ready to walk out with a smile, and happy to offer us up as a recommendation to their friends and family. The dentist then provides the patient with any recommendations and necessary advice, both orally and on paper. Our working hours have been provided to ensure that we can reach out to you, regardless of your timings.

Our reception will be in contact with you to confirm your appointment as soon as possible. We strive to offer the best services available, regardless of the nature of your visit. When you enter into our practice, we are confident that you will enjoy your experience and feel a part of that family.

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The orthodontist must continuously monitor the progress and adjust the appliance, i. All over the world there are actors, presenters, singers and politicians with braces on their teeth. Beauty comes from within…but there is nothing wrong rm making the best of our looks! Routine exams Prevention is the best way to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. P2 Orthodontic Prevention What does orthodontic prevention involve? No matter the season, the time of day or that red colour and high-heeled shoes are currently being worn by celebrities.

In an effort to satisfy the needs of our most demanding patients, particularly those with intense professional lives, Diamond Dental Clinic offersthis modern method, i. Most occlusal abnormalities in children are acquired and occur in the first few years of life. Even the biggest trendsetters know that. If the treatment involved wearing a removable appliance, dm retention appliance will be the same orthodontic appliance used to date, but without activation.

Perfect Clear enables a precise, yet completely invisible correction of teeth alignment. If the treatment involved a permanent appliance, after removing the appliance, the patient is provided with a thin wire stuck on the internal,lingual surface of the lower front teeth in some cases also lonrres upper teeth.

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We make sure that each person that walks through the doors, regardless of age, sex or nationality feels welcome and comfortable with each visit. Dental trauma can also lead to root canal treatment. We understand how important it is to look and feel your best. In order for the of the orthodontic treatment to be even more spectacular and satisfactory for the patient, our clinic offers a wide dentist of services that will make the smile truly perfect: Whitening Aesthetic dentistry procedures including porcelain veneers and all-ceramic crowns Implant prosthetics.

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The application of modern orthodontic techniques, such as the Damon, Ten Brook, and Incognito systems by the dentist at Diamond Dental Clinic brings us closer to this ideal. Dental Emergencies Whether due to toothache, swollen face, problems with dentures or any discomfort inside your mouth. The members of our team have many years of experience and regularly participate in trainings and conferences attended by world-class speakers, allowing them to continuously improve their qualifications.

Your dental care is her utmost priority. Our dental services are extensive and we offer root canal, implants, smile makeovers, in fact, you name it and we can offer it to you.

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We make sure that each and every one of our staff are dedicated to the job, and are able to our patients with a high quality service, getting the satisfaction that they deserve. Facial Treatments Want a more harmonious face?

In the case of any abnormalities, the orthodontist recommends appropriate exercises or treatment with simple appliances. Moreover, in the treatment of more complicated cases we use additional solutions e.

Seasons change fast, and so does the content of our wardrobes, if we want to remain up-to-date. On the one hand, it makes it dentosta to maintain appropriate hygiene of the oral cavity and teeth, but on the other hand it obligates the patient to cooperate with the dentist in a conscious and responsible manner. Diamond Dental Clinic offers many types of modern and effective treatment of occlusal abnormalities based on the latest knowledge and technology in the field of orthodontics.


The doctor will establish if there are any abnormalities in the shape of the jaw and mandible. This might make easier the life of parents whose children are unwilling llondres cooperate. Even aspiring for it has become trendy.

Leave a message! When it comes to teeth, we are your one stop call to get that much needed smile! We have several facial aesthetic techniques. This may be in the form of dental fillings amalgam or composite. This allows an individual treatment plan to be drawn up, which is the first step to achieving that are satisfactory for both the patient and the doctor.

Treatment with the use of permanent braces lasts months on average. Our team is a family, and we would like you to be a part of that family unit to. Due to the fact that the denfista exert a constant pressure for the whole period of treatment, they allow an exact effect of the treatment to be obtained,while the aspect of patient compliance in much less ificant.

Since a beautiful smile became a real asset in professional and private life, orthodontics was hailed as one of the most popular and fastest developing fields of dentistry.