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Aplatonic meaning

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Aplatonic meaning

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No, stop spreading that information. It is a term used to essentially describe non-romantic life partners. People in qps sometimes live together, get married, raise children together, etc.

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Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons. Platonic Favorable: A person who feels favorable likes platonic intimacy or affection. And be aplatonic means just to not see them "more than friends" and never want to have another kind of relationship more than friendship, like single forever in the life?

Examples of platonic in a Sentence Whereas in the more northerly clime of England the courtly lover of Malory and the Round Table tended to platonic adoration from afar, the Parisian woman already expected—and received—more earthly devotion. Yet three-pal business relationships are just as vulnerable to messy implosions as their romantic counterparts. aplstonic

Aplatonic: A person who does not feel or experience platonic attraction or bonds. But it is not exclusive.

Aplatonic - mogaipedia

It is not an identity by itself, no one is claiming it to be. It wasn't anything I truly understood until I met my husband who is demisexual. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Can I become one? Everywhere else I've read it, that were saying that only arospec people aplatonid use it, which I am definitely not.

They are terms created by and for the aromantic community, although we welcome anyone who finds them useful, any use of them needs to respect that origin and use. The original sense relates to the ancient Greek philosopher, Platoor to his philosophy.

Platonic Spectrum Terms: Aplatohic Does not experience platonic attraction or form platonic bonds ie: friendship. Aplatonic, abbreviated Apl pronounced as "apple" is a term that is used most commonly by a-spec individuals that do not experience platonic attraction or by those who do not relate to the concept of platonic love. Hopefully this will help with the wave of attempting to reclaim aro-spec language.

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"aplatonic"? - romantic and aromantic orientations - asexual visibility and education network

Which can include any combination of: sexual, sensual, aesthetic, alterous, emotional, queerplatonic, or platonic attraction. Platonic Indifferent: A person who feels indifferent to platonic intimacy or affection. Analterous: A person who does not feel or experience alterous attraction jeaning bonds. The term has also been used by neurodivergent aromantics particularly those with a schizophrenia spectrum disorders and traumatized aro people, who might not desire friendship or other platonic relationships.

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The Three Phils are strictly platonic. This helps me relate to my demisexual husband and I guess I just wanted to feel like I wasnt the only one.

They still do not experience romantic attraction hence being aromantic. Sensual attraction: the desire to interact with others in a tactile, non-sexual way, such as through hugging or cuddling. Grayplatonic: Only experiences platonic attraction or forms platonic bonds rarely or under specific circumstances.

Platonic attraction: The desire to have a platonic relationship with a specific person.

Urban dictionary: aplatonic

Honestly I always kinda thought that I was broken because of that It will always be capitalized. It is a descriptor of aromanticism.

I guess just apatonic for having a place where I can share my thoughts with you! Nonamory: a lifestyle choice or relationship style that does not include intimate, long-term partnerships, whether romantic or platonic.

People in qps sometimes live together, get married, raise children together, etc. Furthermore, the vocabulary associated with platonic attraction and relationships are terms sourced within the aromantic community. So thank you so much! I never understood what a lack of attraction was like until I realized I felt no platonic attraction for anyone.

He/him lesbians are valid — the actual meaning of the word aplatonic

Generally an aromantic community term. Sex-Negative: A political stance that believes in the social control of how people should relate to sex. Personal Feelings Towards the Value of Platonic Attraction and Relationships Platonic Positive: An ideological stance that people should not be shamed for not feeling platonic attraction, or for prioritizing their platonic attraction. Many aro people do desire to be in long term relationships.

Find out what you can apkatonic.

Platonic Neutral: A person who feels neutral to platonic intimacy or affection. Append content without editing the whole source.

However, many do not. Many aro people experience squishes.